Monday, March 26, 2007

Crunch Time

People feel loyalty to the weirdest things. A guy who would cheerfully cheat on his wife, sell out his country, and deny his God can go all twitchy when he can't get his favorite brand of toothpaste. Or pickup truck. Hell, I think it'd be easier to teach a chicken to play chess than to get a Dodge man to drive a Ford. Or you know how sometimes you'll find yourself eating the same thing for breakfast for months at a time before switching to another product for a while? My friend Scott calls this ...wait for it... cereal monogamy.

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rowland jones said...

cereal monogamy: excellent!

Interestingly I also have a 100 word rant on my site which I started just a month before you did: must have been a bad time in UK and US!

Example, below!

Interestingly enough since moving to Italy, I've stopped ranting...

Sporting role models!!!

Sporting personalities are good role models for young people today. Yes, sure. Like Rugby League players like Australia’s Willy Mason who left Stuart Fielden partially concussed and with a broken nose. Mason’s claim of self-defence which he then defined as “hit them before they hit you” is grammatically worrying, but what is even more worrying is his casual assertion that ‘It spices things up’ confirming that violence is an accepted part of the game. It defies explanation that sport which institutionalises violence can be seen as good in any sense. But then we still have boxing, so what chance reason?