Monday, December 31, 2007

Then there's Metheny's stripey shirts

Did Charlie Chaplin wear a Hitler mustache? Did Moe Howard have a Beatle haircut? No. Things should be named after whoever does it first. But I just read where they're calling these flat caps after Brad Pitt 'cause he wears them. Cripes, I was wearing a gray tweed scally when Brad Pitt was being voted handsomest little handsome guy in the Handsometown Kindergarten. The coolest thing was how uncool it was. Like something your Grandpa would wear. Now if Brad Pitt makes them cool, it'll be uncool to wear one. Nice going, pretty boy. Way to ruin it for everybody.


JP said...

Ha - finally - a good one.

Moreover - let me be among the first to congratulate you on your 52nd. - post that is.

Thanks for 2007's Rantertainment "Best value destination".

Anonymous said...

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