Monday, December 15, 2008

Yule, y'all

Dang. Here it is again. It's time to shift from our customary mindless aquisitiveness to fullbore turbocharged blind drooling greed frenzy mode. The New Orleans Times Picayune, on most Sundays a puny thing about the size of the Family Trader, has bloated to the bulk of the NY Times with color sales inserts. Based on my reading, I've decided I need a television the size of the Wailing Wall, a Hanna Montana over-under 12 gauge shotgun, and literally hundreds of those little USB memory sticks. It's all a blur. Jesus may be just all right, but his birthday is disgusting.

1 comment:

very funny mr snoid said...

don't forget the many many many american made gas guzzling suv's you need to buy right now-they are cheap