Monday, May 17, 2010

100 word requiem

Around the world
From Rome to Rio
We mourn the loss of Ronnie James Dio.

There's no more joy,
There's no more glee-o
There's no more, no more, Ronnie James Dio

We ask ourselves
How can this be-o?
Goodbye goodbye to Ronnie James Dio

He replaced Ozzie
But who'll replace he-o?
There's no-one now like Ronnie James Dio

He sang con fuoco
He sang con brio
He sang with Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio

We weep now 'neath the old oak tree-o
The voice that rang from sea-to-sea-o
Is silent now, his soul is free-o
Ronnie James Dio
Ronnie James Dio

1 comment:

carlito sway said...

i never thought i would here a requiem to Dio, but i guess that time has come, my oh, me oh.

sail away, sale away, yon bastard rock-god Dio; youve helmed some great rocks bands,

but ozzy was better in sabbath, now P-O.