Monday, June 11, 2012

Warning: Graphite Content

Longtime readers will be aware of my abiding interest in pencils of abnormal dimensions. It started with my groundbreaking expose of the now discredited Big Pencil of Wytheville, Virginia, which turned out to be merely a replica in sheet metal rather than an actual Very Large Pencil (VLP). I also have great affection for unusually small pencils, such as those in dainty leather loops in tiny ladies' datebooks. (Tiny datebooks- not ladies.) This all comes to mind because today is Sharpening Day. You may see me wandering around later with a dreamy smile, in a tangy cloud of cedar fumes.

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Nolalily said...

Just the simple things in life. I adore sharpening day. P.S. In order to post this comment, I have to copy some letters into a box. This is done so that I might prove I am NOT a robot. Hmmmmmm. That might present a bit of a problem.