Monday, September 10, 2012

Rock Stars Driving Cabs

A lot of people I know make their living doing work they never trained for, but stumbled into. I know a guy with a degree in architecture who writes press releases for hybrid corn, for instance, and a trained physicist who runs nursing homes. I'm not even including all the Drama Majors who are currently acting like waiters and waitresses. Then there's people who train to do exactly what they end up doing – welders, scientists, professors. The weird outlier is dentistry. I don't see how you could just stumble into the job, but who the hell would choose it?

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Anonymous said...

When folks saw the inlay detail I did on my mandolin peghead, they said; "hey, you should go into dentistry lab work. You'll make more than a musician". So I went into marketing, seeing as how inflating minimum facts came so naturally. Hey whoa. You already know that! Brilliant - JP