Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh. And also, get off my lawn.

Apparently, somewhere in Ohio there's a single solitary mope so feeble-minded to as yet have no presidential preference. That's the vote they're going to spend a combined $1 billion to influence. It's like betting big bucks on where a chicken will crap. Me, I voted already. I got a little sticker that says “I voted early.” Shouldn't I now be exempt from campaign coverage? Seriously, this is like having all the news you want to read or hear preempted by nonstop professional wrestling. Not actual matches. Just the parts where fat guys grab the mike and shout themselves hoarse.


Nolalily said...

Ah-ha! I've closely read your so-called "100 word" rant and discovered that, as written, it is indeed 100 words. However, you left out a "to" in one of the sentences. If your rant is to be grammatically correct, it would constitute a 101 word rant. I would go back and quote but I'm just too, damned lazy. From my Facebook page, I have directed some people over here. Be on your toes if they ever show up, Maleckar. They can read and they WILL count.

Dave Maleckar said...

You're right.
I am ashamed.
I fixed it.