Monday, February 17, 2014

Next week: The decimal hour.

Days, months, and years reflect immutable natural periodicities over which humans have no control. Weeks, on the other hand, are cultural artifacts and subject to change. So here's my idea: Eliminate Wednesdays. The resulting 6 day week would have many advantages. Obviously, you'd get a 4-day workweek, plus reduced unemployment to make up for those lost hours, plus every month could have exactly 5 weeks for a uniform 30 days. That's 360 days. Then the day after Mardi Gras, 5 Ash Wednesdays in a row The extra day every 4 years could be named Dave. Because I thought of it.

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Debra Burrell said...

I enjoy reading your 100 word rants in Funny Times and "Next week: The decimal hour" caused me to seek your blog.

I thought you would be intrigued to know a big U.S. Company did use a standardized calendar; check out
And the decimal hour is nothing new, I have worked for companies with mechanical and electronic time clocks that do use a decimal hour, divided into 100 units instead of 60 minutes. It's hell on those of us who depend on a full 60 seconds to be able to clock in.
Keep ranting!