Monday, June 30, 2014

The Grand Ole Opry's Cooter Holland

Been driving for the past two days, basically coast to coast but vertically. Friends, there is a lot of corn and soybeans and precious little else to see between the Gulf of Mexico and the shores of Lake Michigan. We did notice again that many exit signs suggest names of imaginary silent film stars (Darien Whitewater) or riot grrl singers (Victoria Luxora). Then, I was in a men’s room having done what men do in those rooms, and at the sink I saw a sign that said WASH HANDS BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK. And I thought, “Hell, I’m on vacation.”


Aggie said...

Newton St. Nazianz:
Best-known for his impeccable portrayals of irascible yet loving bachelor uncles, and duty-bound majordomos.

Love to Nikki.


Dave Maleckar said...

Who could forget the perennially avuncular Newton St. Nazianz? That's a hunk of nice writing, Ag.