Monday, October 20, 2014

2 names good. 3 names better.

First off: There's not a thing wrong with Stevie Ray Vaughn or Kenny Wayne Shepherd, fine fine superfine pickers who've made scads of good music and who, for very different reasons, wouldn't care at all about my opinions even if they knew about them, which they don't. I wanted that straight right out front there. What rankles me and raises my hackles is when cats cite them as major influences and as some sort of wellspring of originality which sorry but they just ain't. To believe they are is like stepping in a bucket and thinking you found the ocean.


Mikey said...

3 true things.
But sometimes folks find inspiration from those who have themselves been inspired.

Aggie said...

So you can be DAMN sure I ain't gonna step in THAT same bucket twice.