Monday, November 10, 2014

I miss onionskin

This thing used to could happen: A person would be typing and stop for a sip of coffee and set their cup down and type to the end of the line and the carriage went ding. You would slap the return lever to start the next line and damned if I hadn't set the cup down in exactly the wrong place because POW! Coffee everywhere. Also, the handset of older dial telephones was quite heavy and you could give yourself a concussion if you answered too enthusiastically. Otherwise, I can think of no way that technology has improved human life.


Anonymous said...

It started just for visitors, but I gotta say my life improved considerably the day we threw out the cobbs for that Joe Gayetty's medicated.

Dave Maleckar said...

Holy crap. Good point. Still, you have to regret that Amazon has replaced the Sears and Roebuck. Sometimes a web page just won't do.

Anonymous said...

Now hold on a second ... if it weren't for technology, I wouldn't get to spook myself with stuff like this: