Monday, April 13, 2015

Most Mondays, I fritter away my 100 words on some ephemeral minutiae or other, stirring up my simmering mental soup to keep the bottom of the brain pan from scorching. Not this week. This week I am a man on a mission. Listen. There is such a thing as the American Pencil Collectors Society. It was founded in Sterling, Kansas, in 1958, and it is open to citizens of all nations. They ask only that you “have a genuine interest in pencil collecting of any kind,” and hand over ten bucks. Ten bucks. I think you know what to do.


Aggie said...

Their web site invites non-members to attend their convention--held this June in Oshkosh, Wisconsin--to "come and see what pencil collecting is all about."

Or you could do what I just did, and look in the top middle drawer of your desk.

Dave Maleckar said...

Possibly that top middle drawer is a gold mine- a trip to Oshkosh seems in order.