Monday, March 20, 2017

You finally lay your burden down

The first LP I ever bought was called The Beatles' Second Album. I must have recently turned 10. Took it home, put it on the turntable. My dad’s stereo was, as we used to say, bitchin’. A McIntosh 240 into a pair of AR 2a speakers, which if you had that stuff today you could sell it a collector and use the money to buy it back. Anyway, the first song started with this great guitar intro and then George Harrison’s reedy double tracked voice came in and that was it. “Roll Over Beethoven” is still my favorite Beatles’ song.


Rebecca said...

Aww..remember that same album on daddio's stereo, along with my age 3 fave, Peter and the Wolf. Heavy.

Dave Maleckar said...

Yes! And Antoinette the Clever Clarinet on the flipside.