Monday, February 5, 2007

Indulge Me Here

When you compare them to their peers living a sedentary lifestyle, people who stay active- participating in organized sports, regular cardiovascular exercise or even such simple measures as a daily walk- live a few measly years longer. It serves them right. All those folks who go to great lengths to increase their life span seem to lose sight of a simple irrefutable fact: The chunk of additional life you buy yourself by avoiding tobacco, alcohol, fatty foods, and illegal drugs begins after you would have died. Any extra hours you manage to add will get tagged onto the very end.


vapid transit said...

I was wondering if, after reaching the point I would have died, I could fill the bonus time smoking all the smokes, drinking all the booze and eating all the Oreos I gave up to get there? Is there still hope?

Dave said...

It's all bonus time. Start now.