Monday, July 9, 2007

Dessicated Grape Cadavers

We've been through his before, but apparently we need a refresher: They tell you premium raisin bran is better because it has a higher percentage of raisins. But check it out – raisins are cheaper than branflakes, so it's like paying extra for heavy grape-based gravel in the aggregate and cement premix that is this morning's breakfast. By lunchtime, your foundations are crumbling like a hastily constructed analogy. Or this – I had a bottle of soy based health drink, and the label said the stuff was sweetened with “cane juice powder.” Wait. Isn't that...? Yup. Newspeak for sugar. Orwell Lite.


brocktice said...

That got a good chuckle out of me. Thanks!

David Mintner said...

Hello Dave !

I just hit 44 and still am addicted to sugar cereals.

Can't get by without my Fruit Loops you know. ( I think they may use that cane juice powder you are talking about too ! )

My dentist loves me !

Although I do appreciate your comments regarding grape cadavers, " Why should I be worried about rasin content?"

With the present state of global warming that certain individuals in our country believe George Bush is responsible for, there won't be enough water anyway to suckle the vine, let alone enough energy to process them, which George is also responsible for ( he built and designed those over zealous SUV's you know that use all that precious energy ) . Don't forget the over-funding of the war in Iraq that also has caused economic turmoil, high fuel costs and, of late, the bridge collapse in Minnesota. ( We should have spent that damn war money on more bridge inspections huh George? )

Oh wait, that's right - the global warming of course and about those rasins ( I apologize for my political rantings )..... if those grapes should grow on that vine, they will just shrivel up and turn to rasins by themselves.

What a savings to Kellogs that will be, passed on to us by Kellog's and our big box mart favorite Wal-Mart!

God Bless America !