Monday, April 14, 2008

Dazzled by tomorrow's bright promise

Two full terms of inept, mean-spirited leadership have left voters feeling battered and resentful. They want to believe that the future holds something better than divisive political wrangling and overseas adventurism. The Republican candidate carries the political baggage of long years as a legislator, as well as the stain of association with the discredited regime. That's why this new guy is so refreshing. He's had political experience, but he's no Beltway insider. He projects an endearing combination of intelligence, decency, and self-deprecating humor. I'm telling you, all Obama needs is a peanut farm and a drunken baby brother.


Anonymous said...

"If we could only sit down and just talk, we could find that common stake we all have in one another." o no - not again !

Despite the overwhelming evidence of failure, Carter has become something of a sacred cow to many liberals, who often express outrage when their hero is criticized. How quickly Carter fans forget the malaise that gripped the nation under his presidency.

Personal checks to Billy were the only non-government solution- to-a-problem he ever undertook. Remember long lines snaking around gas stations thanks to the embargo on Iranian oil, not to mention a general feeling in the country of want and hopelessness. Carter's presidency did little to improve a weak economy. This among, among others, is reason he lost re-election to Ronald Reagan. Yet somehow Carter's presidency is still held up as a shining example for the current leadership to follow.

But, to complete this proposed re-Carter'ed presidency, perhaps Obama could also adopt Jimmy's intimations of antisemitism - or better - make him Secret-Advisor / or ambassador to Libya. - At least then we'd be assured of a lingering Hoover-style recession.

The most unbelievable part is this gathering hubris that the Liberal argument is so powerful, all one has to do is sit down, listen and believe - Then all - including Bush's evil-axis hit list - will join hands with us in a world-wide kumbyya. Really?

Mikey said...

Hey Dave,
I thought this was your rant, and anonymous cheated, that's way more than 100 words.

Dave said...

Yeah you right, Mikey.

Longer. Rantier. As irony-proof as the Merrimac.

And what's all this about mayonnaise gripping the nation?