Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Psychic baggage still flies free

Strapped for cash, major airlines are starting to charge extra for checked baggage. Fair enough - extra weight costs them extra fuel. But look here: I'm a big boy. I weigh over 200 pounds. A 130 pound human pays the same fare I do. Shouldn't they get to check a couple of 40 pound bags gratis? The equitable thing would be to charge a base seat rate plus poundage. They could install scales at check-in to determine the actual freight for hauling your carcass. My solution is simple, fair, and would additionally encourage healthful weight loss in the traveling public.


Mikey said...

Shouldn't that be:
Emotional baggage still flies free?

Dave said...

Yeah. Yeah, you're probably right. Unless my intended meaning was, "The moonshine apparatus in the mind-reader's trunk slips its bonds and attains true liberty." And I'm pretty sure that's not what I meant.