Monday, June 2, 2008

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Ridiculous. That whole brouhaha about Rachel Ray's scarf. I swear to God, it's embarrassing sometimes to be human. The thing is, these ideologue bloggers and radio hosts and columnists and commentators (Why commentator? Why not just commenter? They don't commentate; they comment.) aren't really selling ideas. They're offering the opportunity to get angry, to blow off some steam, to get your undies in a bundle. They're procurers who pander to ire instead of lust. Righteous indignation is addictive. It feels good, it doesn't make you fat, it makes you want more. No doubt about it: Rage is the new crack.


JP said...

YOU @#$%*
who the +@% are you to be so $&^ss** cock-sure about what the f#@^& is, or is not anyone's new gd%%$# crack !!

I got some f*&a$$# righteous indig-f#%nation right HERE,– A$$&)w@!+ !
What? RA-chel!

nevermind - I thought you ment Alvino.

Dave said...

No, no, no.
Like in the song:
"When somebody loves you,
It's no good unless she loves you, Aldo Ray."