Monday, June 23, 2008

Talent is the real glass ceiling

When Marcel Marceau died last September, I thought it best not to say anything. I mention him now because I was just downtown, where we have herds of strolling tourists and their natural predators, street performers. There's these “living statue” people ­-- panhandlers with a coat of paint. No mimes, because “Annoying Mime” has become a cheap comedic meme, like “Nagging Mother-in-Law” or “Brain-Damaged President.” Ironically, mimage (mimery?) was destroyed by Marceau; he made it look easy, and a generation of no-talent simps believed it and bought striped shirts. (Ella Fitzgerald did the same for scat singing.)

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nancy said...


I studied with Marcel Marceau and I am American. There are mime groups in Europe and here it seems mime has become a joke such as: What is funnier a mime in an imaginary box or a mime in a real box! I think you know which one most people would choose. It is different to see any performance on the stage in a theater than any performance on the street. Don't you think?