Monday, June 30, 2008

And every rant requires hours of painstaking work

Our lives are made easier by comfortable fictions -- the little stories we tell ourselves to get by moment to moment. “This slight residuum of chocolate pudding on my necktie is invisible to the casual observer.” “Life used to be better, and changing (shoes, diets, boyfriends, presidents) will restore it.” “This is an unusually small jelly donut, and can be of no possible consequence.” Or one might tell oneself that surely anyone committed to writing a short essay on a regular basis would have a spare paragraph or two on hand should inspiration fail as the deadline looms. Alas. Not so.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the old blogging standby. When you can't think of something to blog about, blog about not having anything. We're all guilty of it.

Dave said...

Sure, Brock, lots of bloggers can claim to offer absolutely zero meaningful content. But here at "100 word rant" we deliver- week after week after week. After week.

Anonymous said...

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