Monday, February 9, 2009

Two words: Mango Freeze

So the Jazz Fest schedule is out- keepin' it real this year with jazz stalwarts like Bon Jovi and Pete Seeger. Seeger is appearing to celebrate his 90th birthday. At 50 bucks a ticket, that's more of a gamble than I'm willing to make- this guy shouldn't be buying green bananas, much less making commitments months in advance. Plus, I have a problem with Pete Seeger. With all due respect, he can be kind of a supercilious snot. His big hit is that Malvina Reynolds song, “Little Boxes.” Great. A folk song that ridicules the aspirations of working people.


Mikey said...

Are you suggesting that Wimoweh is not a jazz standard?

Tom Joad said...

Is your title somehow about the part of a classical entablature between the architrave and cornice, usually decorated in low relief sculpture - except made from mangos -
and are the builders hiring?