Monday, June 1, 2009


The word “believe” can be ambiguous. When I say, “I don't believe in unicorns,” you know what I mean. And it's the not the same meaning as when I say, “I don't believe in dishwashers.” I know there are dishwashers. I just think they're silly and wasteful anywhere but a commercial kitchen, and I refuse to make use of one. Using the word the same way, some people don't believe in fluoridated water, or motorcycle helmets. They know those things exist. I wish I was sure what I meant when I say I don't believe in God.


Mikey said...

I don't believe that's 100 words, even if you count the extra the.

Dave said...

O ye of little faith. The extra "the" was put there so there would be exactly 100 words. Believe me.