Monday, July 2, 2012

Fire Up the Barbeque. I'll Bring the Word Salad.

There was a guy named Clifton Webb, right? And he wasn’t the same guy as Jack Webb, or Montgomery Clift, or Lucy Maude Montgomery? Or what about that tall woman who played Maude, Bea Arthur? And that Douglas MacArthur, gee, good thing Ike throttled him back when he did. Throttle because carburetors have throats, see. You can throttle ‘em, and you can choke ‘em. You don’t actually throttle an injected engine. You don’t dial a phone either. See, this happens whenever I think about Independence Day, and then about the Constitution. Because it guarantees the right to associate freely.

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Nolalily said...

Excellent. Patriotism is not dead!