Monday, December 29, 2014


Dollar stores are not created equal. Family Dollar is okay, Dollar Tree is utterly worthless. A store called “Everything’s A $1.00 Dollar” (pronounced “everything’s a one dollar dollar”) used to have the best selection of colorful rubber frogs anywhere. Anyway, in the parking lot of the Dollar General a guy is getting out of his camouflage pickup. Big guy, camo pants, tall boots, camo cap. And he’s wearing an actual live baby strapped to his chest. And I want to tell him, “Pal, you’re living in a fool’s paradise if you think that little thing is gonna stop a bullet.”


Mikey said...

Dollar Tree is not worthless. It's the source for Adams foam board at (you guessed it) $1 per sheet from which one builds airplanes. I thought you knew that.

Dave Maleckar said...

Dang. I need to hire a fact checker.