Monday, April 10, 2017

Stravinsky! Gandhi!

Here’s an experiment you can conduct in the privacy of your own head. Find a photo of Pablo Picasso as a young man, an early picture of George Szell, and one of 30-year-old Henry Miller. Okay, now compare what they looked like as old men. Holy crap! They’re like, um, triplegangers. I call this MFC (Male Facial Convergence) and it strikes an alarming percentage of us. Beyond a certain age there’s just three basic models: Geezer, like the previous examples, codger (Mao, Churchill) and coot (George Burns, Amiri Baraka). Of course, there’s also a strong family resemblance between all newborns.


Aggie said...

George C. Scott and Gertrude Stein.

Mikey said...

Well now. Thanks for bursting my bubble of gracefully becoming an irascible oldster.

Dave Maleckar said...

Yes! Also Alice B. Toklas and Vladimir Horowitz, and you sir are as gracefully irascible as is humanly possible.