Monday, April 18, 2022

I can only hope.

I found out on NPR, which has never lied to me, that the common word beginning with “G” that we have customarily used when referring to Romani people is a hurtful racial slur. Bad news for Django Reinhardt emulators the world over who may need to change the name of an entire musical sub-genre. Ditto for a cool Curtis Mayfield song and a certain industrial vacuum cleaner. And possibly my opera “Meredith, or How The Elephant Lost Her Stripes” will, on the basis of a single scene, be subject to widespread protests and calls for its withdrawal. Assuming anyone notices.


Aggie said...

Dear Dave,
Now I feel gypped.

Nature Creek Farm said...

Or the name of my street...huh.
"NPR has never lied to me" hahahahahaha. Maybe that could be true, but I always feel like I've been F....d by them and left hanging without satisfaction. Ever since they failed to follow through on Iran Contra, I have the feeling they only want to tell people enough to get them to give money in the HOPE that they will donate more money: like Microsoft updates. Never a completed product or a full investigation. I can't listen to their smarm anymore. "Our thoughts, on your thoughts, on our thoughts."- Parks and Recreation